PriceKubecka: Your R&D Partner

We're a Dallas-based CPA firm that tackles complex accounting and tax problems by providing creative tax strategies that go beyond the minimum to add value to our clients. We understand the struggles our clients face and collaborate with them to achieve their goals. By providing more than 20 years of experience, on-site consulting, team familiarity, consistent communication, and specialized education, PriceKubecka is crucial to client success.

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About PriceKubecka

We have the expertise to ensure the tax credits acquired can actually be used in an organization’s tax returns, as opposed to hiring organizations who do not prepare the actual return the tax deductions will be taken on. We can streamline R&D tax credit studies to maximize returns and cut out the middleman, in addition to prepping your finalized tax return, to ensure the credit earned is correctly allotted to your business.

Our R&D Process

Our process begins with a conversation with you to determine if you qualify for the R&D Tax Credit benefit.   Secondly, we discuss engaging PriceKubecka service and fee range. Next, we will perform fieldwork to gather the information necessary for claiming the credit. Finally, we will create a report for you detailing the methodology, cost analysis, and other relevant documentation. We will also provide feedback on how to better substantiate the credit in the future.

Does Your Company Qualify?
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